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EasyTrial is perfect for optimizing the time you spend managing visits, patients, booking etc. by keeping all data in one place and by giving a clear overview. Enjoy features like automatic reminders and 100% customizable eCRF creation

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EasyTrial GDPR compliant storage platform


Because most tools for clinical trials focus on securing the collection process, they often fail to offer a safe storage during the statistical analysis.

To comply with GDPR, all data points are required to be collected, stored and traced in all phases of a clinical trial.

EasyTrial offers a new solution which is a GDPR compliant storage platform, where your data never leaves the safe environment. When a third part needs to conduct the statistical analyses, you are controlling the access and the data. Dedicated statisticians now get access to the study data and analyses - using any desirable statistical tool.

Contact us for more information on your future clinical trial management solution with EasyTrial GDPR compliant storage platform.

What is Easytrial?

Watch this short 30-second video to hear about EasyTrial and what we offer


Key Features

Appointment system and calendar function

Keep track of appointments, optionally across sites, and manage ressources efficiently

Complete study overview

Track recruitment, process, performance and all other aspects of your clinical trial

Security monitoring and study data back-up

24/7/365 security surveillance and independent off-site backup systems to known locations

Design of eCRF and questionnaires

Anyone can design their own eCRF and use it to capture data and/or conduct participant surveys

Management of multiple sites

Multiple site and location management all in one system

Automatic subject invitation and notification by SMS/email

Remind participants when to come and save time!

Ability to import/export data

Seamless import and export data in standardised formats

Integrated Audit Trail feature

Audit Trail compliant with current US and EU legislation

Automatic encryption and anonymising of personal data

Industry standard encryption of sensitive data on demand

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