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Public Organisation
Public Organisation

Public organisations can save resources by professionalising the conduct of clinical trials carried out by their health professionals.

National studies and data collection from citizens or patients can be safely carried out in, with an easy-to-access, user-friendly, and 100% GDPR-compliant clinical trial management system. It can also easily be integrated with governmental preferred secure email systems.

Data from any study can be sourced easily and reports about anything from success criteria to patient participation can be generated on-demand as all data are available in real-time.

Regional organisations may choose to invest in a central system for clinical trials and offer it as a service to all researchers in the region who are then able to cooperate with external partners outside the region and/or abroad.

As is GDPR compliant and lives up to all criteria for good clinical practice, neither the region, nor the researchers will have to worry about such legal regulations as this has already been dealt with.

Also, it is possible to add an extra security feature to with the GDPR Compliant Platform, so that statistics or other sensitive reporting is done directly in the system.


By carrying out analyses in the system, personal data is kept secure from collecting to deleting them.

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