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More about the company behind

EasyTrial ApS

EasyTrial ApS was founded in 2009 by a Danish health professional who himself felt a need for a professional, easy-to-use clinical trial management system that would improve his efficiency while carrying out clinical trials across organisations – and even borders - without compromising the security of the data collected for the study.

This idea gave birth to the Software, the Clinical Trial Management System, and the company EasyTrial ApS.


Core values

We see partnerships with our clients and users as the center of all our endeavors. Our mission is to enable any professionals involved in a clinical trial to manage her or his trials as effortlessly as possible.


Dialogue is key to offering professionals a reliable, always up-to-date management system. Support is as natural to us as the further development of so that it represents a state-of-the-art alternative to any other system in the market.

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