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Pharma company


As a professional in the pharmaceutical industry regulations require the strict management of any clinical trial. Protocols are to be followed very strictly and audit trail and monitoring are a must. Imagine handling all tasks and operations, from recruiting and communication with participants to correctly storing sensitive data, all in one system. 

Let help decentralize your clinical trials

By digitizing traditional clinical trials you will achieve more cost-effective, time-saving management of your studies.


The use of digital solutions and health technologies in part or the entire trial process, from patient recruitment, participant information, obtaining informed consent forms, clinical site visits, trial procedures, sampling, medication administration, and safety monitoring, enables the more effective conduct of the trial.


Secure great hit-rate and high participant engagement

The use of online platforms and social media for the recruitment of trial participants entails global recruitment of trial patients and recruitments of patients who do not normally have the time and opportunity to participate in clinical trials. It can e.g. be patients with chronic or rare diseases, disabilities that make transportation difficult, or patients with full-time work and/or children who require a lot of presence in the home.


Use to screen patients by answering questionnaires or online tests before entering the study. Follow up by making sure the participants understand the participant information before signing the informed consent form using e.g. NemID or e-Boks in Denmark.


Switch out the many site visits with e-diaries, electronic patient-reported results, and data collection from fitness devices, mobile apps, wearables, IoT (internet of things), and digital watches.

Ensure enjoyment in your trial management and let handle the transferring of large amounts of sensitive health data over the internet with our highly secure and approved clinical trial management system.

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