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Imagine being able to handle any situation to your clinical trial from any location in the world.


As is a web-based system, you can access the study data at any time from any place.

Using you have the advantage that you can involve others easily as individual access control enables you to share specific data with others and block access to other data if required.


Control and secure your data is a GDPR compliant storage solution. You have 100% control of your data. As the investigator, you are the data holder and, the data processor, will enter data handling agreements if requested.


As a professional supplier of data security, we are specialists in and highly focused on IT and cyber security. As thousands of clinical trials have been carried out inside over the years, the system is security-approved by many data legislation authorities, hospitals and educational institutions in many different countries. 

Fully customizable eCRF creation and management

In you are able to fully customise your eCRF – electronic case report form – and manage it at the same time in the EasyTrial management system. The fact that it is electronic eliminates the need for paper report forms. All data entered into the system are stored in one place.

The eCRF can be adjusted to your specific study and can be managed online – and even shared with others outside of your organisation online and adapts to all standard screens. With the eCRF, you create your consent forms with an online signature for the registration of the participants before entering the survey.

Surveys and study overview

EasyTrail offers you full control over your surveys. Sending out surveys by e-mail to a specific e-mail address gives you the ability to follow the email action throughout the survey. With the EasyTrial study overview, you follow the progress of the participant response and are able to take action if the progress stops or never leaves 0%. 

Reminders to participants (text messages or e-mails)

Imagine a high participant hit rate. Automatic reminders assist you in reminding participants to act, e.g. reminding them to take a survey that you assigned to them or to book a time for a consultation or appointment. There are a number of pre-set reminder types in the system that you can activate.

Automatic reminders

You are able to set up reminders to yourself about deadlines in your study so that you do not have to keep these in a separate place. You can also assign tasks to others in the system and have the system remind them to carry out these tasks if they should miss a deadline.

Randomisation of participants

The system is able to randomise participants automatically so that each participant has an equal chance to be assigned to any group that you have set up in your clinical trial. Sample sizes are set by you directly in the system. Randomisation prevents selection and accidental bias.

Randomise with variable block sizes

If you work with block randomisation in your study, you can randomise participants within blocks of variable sizes and ensure equal sample sizes. This ensures a balance in sample size across groups over time.

iCalendar invites to all staff

The system has an iCalendar integrated that enables you to invite your staff or cooperation partners (users of to meetings across calendar systems. 


Access control

You get full control over who has access to which data in the system. You can give access to parts of the trial data to other investigators and can give access to other parts of the data to a sponsor. Access control is a great help for multicentre studies.

Multicentre study support

If you carry out a multicentre research clinical trial using a single protocol at two or more sites, each with its own clinical investigator, EasyTrial makes cooperation and communication easy as you can share data across organisations and borders. Access control can be set up so that specific data is only accessible to certain investigators.  


The management system can be used to organise samples of biological tests that are collected, stored, registered and analysed as part of your clinical trial. This facilitates research and the sharing of data with other investigators or staff at your site.


Label printing

Trials that require physical samples will be made easier by the fact that label printing is possible from EasyTrial directly so that you can print labels containing the specific information that you need to identify samples.

Integrated support system 

As we know how important it is that your clinical trials can be carried out smoothly and without delay, we offer you very fast standard user support regarding the issues you meet inside the system.

Training and workshops

All new systems have a learning curve. By offering education and start-up support we secure a good experience starting up your first study in the EasyTrial management system. 

We want to make sure that our users use the system to its fullest and are satisfied with their choice of management system for their clinical trials, medical device studies or market analysis.

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