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As a health professional at a hospital, you may benefit from managing your clinical study in a professional and secure management system developed by doctors to handle all operational and logistical tasks such as,

  • Data collection

  • Coordination of the collection of data

  • Communication about the collection of data

  • Import and export of data is an online CMTS that enables you to carry out all operational and logistical tasks in one system.

  • Design of surveys

  • Consent forms and online signature

  • Distribution of surveys by secure email

  • Automatic reminders to participants

  • Booking system for visits

  • eCRF creator

  • Data storage in GDPR-compliant online system

  • Granting access to data to stakeholders all over the world

  • Real-time data

  • Easy reporting

  • Analysis of data in secure system through integration to statistical applications


All phases of any clinical trial can be carried out in – and you can get a free trial and demo any time before you make up your mind.

GDPR adheres to the strict legislation, GDPR, and regulations of the handling of personal data, and has been security-approved by several European hospitals.

Randomisation of participants

The system is able to randomise participants automatically so that each participant has an equal chance to be assigned to any group that you have set up in your clinical trial. Sample sizes are set by you directly in the system.

Randomisation prevents selection and accidental bias.

Variable block sizes. 

If you work with block randomisation in your study, you can randomise participants within blocks of variable sizes and ensure equal sample sizes. This ensures a balance in sample size across groups over time.


The management system can be used to organise samples of biological tests that are collected, stored, registered and analysed as part of your clinical trial. This facilitates research and the sharing of data with other investigators or staff at your site.

Label printing

Trials that require physical samples will be made easier by the fact that label printing is possible from directly so that you can print labels containing the specific information that you need to identify samples.

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