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SMS & e-mail reminders
SMS & e-mail reminders​

Automatic reminders

You are able to set up reminders to yourself or your team about deadlines in your study so that you do not have to keep these in a separate place. You can also assign tasks to others in the system and have the system remind them to carry out these tasks if they should miss a deadline.

Reminders to participants (text messages/SMS or e-mails)

Automatic reminders assist you in reminding participants to act, e.g. reminding them to take a survey that you assigned to them or to book a time for a consultation or appointment.

There are a number of pre-set reminder types in the system that you can activate.

iCalendar invites to all staff

The system has an iCalendar integrated that enables you to invite your staff or cooperation partners (users of to meetings across calendar systems.

Key Features
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