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Security of data
Security of data is developed with high data security as a focal point. EasyTrial is not only a GDPR-compliant storage platform, but can also be supplied with an extra security module for the safe management of data for reporting after the completion of the study.

To comply with GDPR, all data points are collected, stored and traced in all phases of a clinical trial.

Most clinical trial management tools focus on securing the collection process, but often fail to offer safe storage during the statistical analysis which is usually conducted outside the safe environment. The safe analysis of data has, however, been a key development point when developing EasyTrial. Using a unique combination of know-how and technology, all tasks can be performed in EasyTrial on the same secure platform throughout the entire project.

In EasyTrial, automatic encryption and anonymisation of personal data take place. Throughout the study and depending on their specific role, users of the CTMS have access – and only have access - to the data relevant for the fulfillment of their role and duties in the study.


All security aspects are in line with the European data protection legislation, GCP, GVP, GPP and GDPR.


The system logs all tasks and the time and date of these tasks to ensure a complete audit trail. The system is monitored 24 hours a day with a firewall and back-up into an external, independent system automatically.


Security at a glance

•    GDPR-compliant storage of data
•    Safe storage during statistical analysis
•    Automatic encryption and anonymization of personal data
•    Limited user access depending on study role
•    European data protection legislation compliance
•    Logging of tasks for audit trail
•    Firewall protection
•    External backup

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