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Security Monitoring
Security Monitoring

As all processes are tracked with audit trails and logs, the prevention and detection of fraud are facilitated when using a fully digitalised clinical trial management system. A clear audit trail is available at any time as all tasks are logged in real-time.

Fraud detection and prevention at a glance

  • Real-time capture 

  • Clear audit trail

Easy access for GCP-monitoring

The purpose of inspection of clinical trials is to ensure that trials comply with the guidelines for good clinical practice (GCP), including the safety and integrity of the subjects are ensured and that data are of good quality. 

Meet deadlines to sponsors with ease

A built-in tracking system assists you in meeting deadlines for deliverables to sponsor. This system also allows for the monitoring of the execution of the trial and for the generation of documentation at all stages of the study.

Sponsor management at a glance​

  • No project management is required for updating and issuing reports to sponsors

  • Cost-effective sponsor access to trial reports and real-time data

  • Tailored design

  • Built-in tracking systems allow trial execution monitoring and documentation for meeting sponsor deliverables

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