The integration is carried out in cooperation with EasyTrial’s development department and can be integrated into IT systems such as;

  • Health Statistics

  • National Patient Registry

  • Drug Database

  • Health Data Network

  • Secure E-mail system

  • Banking systems for automatic billing for visits.

  • ID validation can also be integrated to collect data from medical devices for automatic data storage or financial and banking systems for automatic billing for visits.

  • Data collection integrations from;

    • Medical devices

    • Financial systems​​

    • Fitness Devices

Integration to financial systems – invoicing (CRO)

For you as a CRO, invoicing is facilitated by as it can easily be integrated into financial or other IT systems.

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Use e-Boks for sending out surveys in Denmark

EasyTrial is an e-Boks Partner and offers your surveys sent out by e-Boks using

With the e-Boks "switch on" function, you can send out surveys and questionnaires to citizens in Denmark with - quick and easy!

Do not hesitate to contact us today for connecting the e-Boks "switch on" function to your Danish Clinical Trial.

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