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Electronic Data Capture
EDC - Electronic Data Capture is the go-to solution for Electronic Data Capture.

With the customizable electronic case report form or eCRF, the digital web-based questionnaire is ready for collecting data about a study participant.

Enter data directly into the system
Whether you are collecting data in a physical exam, interview or from a video conference, you can enter data into the questionnaire and directly into from where you'r located.

If you have clinical exams or visits, you just log in to and enter your data in an eCRF questionnaire prepared for the specific session.

Send out surveys to a group of participants
Are you collecting data from participants multiple times over a period? will help you manage the process of sending out a questionnaire or survey, and manage the responses from all participants in a secure data storage environment. gives you the overview of the survey status per participant with a questionnaire completion percentage and a real-time data overview.

Upload existing data, connect to your participants and a follow-up study will be easy to complete.

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Key Features
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