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eCRF - Electronic Case Report Forms
eCRF - Electronic Case Report Forms

Electronic Case Report Forms are easily built, tested, shared and published in

The system allows you as a sponsor to create your own specific case report form so that it contains the user data needed for your study – and nothing else.

eCRFs facilitate coordination between investigators and sponsors throughout the clinical trial.

The eCRF in was developed by a health professional which means that many standard fields are already implemented in the form when you start customising your questionnaires to your specific study. This means that you may reduce the study build time considerably as the system has been prepared for data collection in clinical trials – and nothing else.

As the CRFs in are electronic, paper versions of your case report forms can be eliminated, resulting in much higher data protection and extraction for your further processing of results. Besides, no physical storage place is required for your eCRF after you have completed the study.

Patients may be given access to fill in personal data by themselves which saves you and your assisting staff time in the collection of user data at any stage of your clinical trial.

Data availability at a glance

  • Custom-made eCRF with eCRF creator

  • Responsive design – adapts to all types of devices

  • Most used answer types                     

    • Checkboxes – horizontal & vertical

    • Date

    • Date & Time

    • Dropdownlist

    • Numeric

    • Radiobutton – horizontal & vertical

    • Text

    • Masked import field

    • VAS scale

    • Generic Repeater

    • Online Signature

  • Secure at smooth and natural flow in the eCRF by setting up rules for questions

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Key Features
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