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Complete study overview
Complete study overview

Any investigator who has been granted access to the system can have a real-time overview of data.

Surveys and study overview

EasyTrial offers you full control over your surveys. Sending out surveys by e-mail to a specific e-mail address gives you the ability to follow the e-mail action throughout the survey. With the EasyTrial study overview, you follow the progress of the participant response and are able to take action if the progress stops or never leaves 0%. 

Data overview

When you send out hundreds of surveys, it can be challenging to keep track of each response process for each participant.

The data overview will give you a real-time overview of the quality of the answers.


Visit windows in the booking system enables the monitoring of trial visit compliance. The system can be set up to warn in case of missed visits and to send SMS reminders to patients about an upcoming visit.

Medical recalls

Medical recalls are made easy with an optional fully automated recall of processes. Recalls include full details, real-time tracking and audit trails.

Study management at a glance

  • Real-time fully transparent data overview for all individuals with access granted by the investigator

  • Seamless tracking of patient movement among sites

  • Participant recruitment process, including call center management for follow-up of large groups (based on specific demographics or parameters)

  • Batch invitations for large trials with large patient pools provided by government or patient databases (allowing for the capture of epidemiological data or participation in behavioral studies)

  • Easy medication recalls with an optional fully automated recall of process with full details, real-time tracking and audit trail

  • Trial visit compliance monitoring through the use of visit windows in the booking system (allowing for warnings of missed visits and SMS reminders to patients of upcoming visits)

  • The capture of historical data (e.g. competitive enrolment, discontinuation of recruitment as well as over- and under-recruitment of sub cohorts).

  • Overview of patient movement among sites 

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