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Central Database
Central Database

Are you searching for a solution to collect data on a regular basis from partners in clinical trials who work in different parts of the world? 


Consider using the database to secure and save all data collected.

Instead of buying your own hardware and being responsible for the data processing, IT, and cybersecurity yourself, let us do what we do best as your professional data collecting partner. 

The database solution has handled thousands of data collection situations around the world and is approved for collecting and storing sensitive data across borders.

Collect and store your medical device data

If you are involved in the development of medical devices you may benefit from carrying out your trials in an online management system that works across sites and borders and that assists in the structuring of your data collection and the sharing of data with all stakeholders.


Meeting the demands of the new Medical Device Regulation from May 2021 you might consider storing your collected data in the same database throughout the lifecycle of the product. Imagine having data documentation of your clinical studies from the product designing phase all the way to post-market follow-up studies.

With the use of as your database, you are able to centralise your clinical trials, adverse events registrations, follow-up studies and your post-market surveillance in the same secure and GDPR compliant database solution. Let become an integral part of your Quality Management System (QMS).

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