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Appointment, Resource booking & Planning system
Appointment, Resource booking & Planning system


Let the competent administrative staff handle the task of booking appointments

Management of participants is often done manually or in different systems, and it is known to be a time-consuming task. offers you an appointment system for patient communication, scheduling and booking of all your visits for your clinical trial.  As the project owner, you are able to grant access to specific areas of the study to administrative staff, and they will experience that management of appointments with patients and resources is now a simple task.


When scheduling visits, you can make both the appointment with the participant and the necessary staff, the locations and equipment needed for the visit.

Booking system for visits with automatic email/SMS reminders

Trial visit compliance monitoring through the use of visit windows in the booking system allows for warnings of missed visits and SMS reminders to patients of upcoming visits.


iCalendar invites to all staff

The system has an iCalendar integrated that enables you to invite your staff or cooperation partners (users of to meetings or booked visits across calendar systems. 

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