Research Unit for Health surveys conducts various research projects for different research groups. Several of these studies use EasyTrial. We are very satisfied, both by the functionality of the software and the commitment that EasyTrial personnel shows us. They have shown great service by implementing and adapting the software to our needs and wishes, and are always very helpful if any issues appear.

University of Bergen

Research Unit for Health surveys

For Mai-Britt EasyTrial eases the work of conducting clinical trials.


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We have been very pleased with our EasyTrial partnership.

They have shown great courtesy and flexibility in relation to our specific needs and system requirements. At the same time, they responded quickly and effectively to our requests and questions

Danish Cancer Society

Department of Virus, Lifestyle and Genes, Center for Cancer Research

As part of the long term follow-up of a vaccine trial, EasyTrial was used to monitor blood collection from 1000 women at 10 different sites across the country.

The “live” EasyTrial status reports from each site allowed us to easily monitor progress, identify discrepancies and provide assistance for the sites when needed.

Altogether, it strongly contributed to the trial’s overall response rate. Support from the EasyTrial team was excellent throughout the trial.

Cancer Registry of Norway

Group of HPV-based epidemiological research

I have used EasyTrial as primary database for my clinical observation study for two years. I have collected both qualitative and quantitative data from several hundred patients. EasyTrial is also connected to a thermal printer, so we can print labels for vacutainer blood collector tubes directly from EasyTrial.


I consider it an advantage that EasyTrial meets the formal requirements for data protection and data storage. Being online based is a huge advantage, and I can't imagine using a paper-based or excel-based database. It is reassuring to know that data can't suddenly be lost since there's a backup, and it is difficult to accidentally delete larger amounts of information in the database unless you actively try. There's also no risk that data "blend together" as risked in an excel-sheet.


I think the system gives a good overview over project patients. It is easy to monitor the progress in data collection since I can always see how many percentages of the eCRF's are filled in for each participant. It has also been a great advantage for me that I can assign more or less limited access to other project staff and that all activity is logged. In addition, I find the system user friendly and easy to access, even from the beginning. My impression is that you can build the eCRF's to fit most types of studies.


In any case, I'm really pleased to have chosen EasyTrial for my study.

MD & PhD-student at Sjællands University Hospital, Roskilde

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