New Business Partners and a New Collaboration

EasyTrial has entered new cooperation with Regulatory Science &QA specialists, IWA Consulting ApS and Specialists in Real-World Evidence & Analytics, Institute of Applied Economics & Health Research (ApHER) for supporting Medical Device Companies and others with advice and guidance on how to ensure regulatory compliance continuously throughout the various phases of producing a Medical Device. From the design phase to the process to obtain the CE marking required for the marketing of the product, and beyond.

Are you a Life Science Organisation or a Medical Device company in the need of advice with the upcoming Medical Device Regulation, May 26th? Please feel free to contact us.


Christmas reflections!

The year 2020 has been a different year than what we are used to. Since the Spanish Flu in 1918 - 1920, the world has not seen a pandemic. Over 50 million died back then. To this day we count 1.6 million dead because of COVID-19.


With that in mind, I am very grateful that we in 2020 have advanced technology!

A technology to make it possible to share valuable information. A technology that allows us to gather and store vital real-time data from around the world. A technology that gives us the upper advantage to be upfront and to make vital decisions on an informed basis. Technology that gives the opportunity for researchers and virologists around the world to co-work to develop a usable vaccine and do the essential clinical trials that follow.  


When COVID-19 reached the world in February 2020, we at EasyTrial asked ourselves: What can we do to contribute?

We decided that our contribution to the fight was to offer our Clinical Trial Management Software and solution free of charge to all COVID-19-related research projects – whether local or cross-border.

We dedicated a server to the project and have over the year given free access and support to many COVID-19-related research projects all over the world and we hope more will apply and join in 2021.


We are also very grateful for all our customers, business networks, and friends who helped spread the word.


We would like to send a big and warm THANK YOU! to the army of skilled and competent front personal, doctors and professors, researchers, labs, and companies who fight COVID-19 every day!


We wish for 2021 to bring joy and hope to us all!


Merry Christmas!



Jannie Hedegaard

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The Online Signature is now available in EasyTrial!

November 15, 2020

Finish your consent form with the NEW EasyTrial Online Signature. EasyTrial Online Signature is easy to add in an eCRF and it is easy to use.


Let Bjarke show you how in this tutorial...

Free access to online, GDPR compliant clinical trial management system offered by EasyTrial to all COVID-19 research projects globally during entire research period

March 19, 2020

In the light of the current crisis, Danish-based EasyTrial offers its web-based, GDPR compliant clinical trial management system free of charge to researchers at hospitals and universities, medical, biotechnological and pharmaceutical companies and contract research organizations (CRO) all over the world. The clinical trial management system is already used by the Danish Cancer Society, the Norwegian Cancer Registry and Scandinavian University Hospitals and handles all phases of a research project. The platform observes GCP and is praised by current users for its user-friendly front-end that eases online contact with test participants or patients and fellow researchers. Furthermore, the system is built to support research across borders.

“We dedicate an EasyTrial server entirely to any research related to the combat of COVID-19”, says Ms Jannie Hedegaard, Sales and Marketing Director of EasyTrial ApS. “The offer is for any researcher anywhere in the world who can contribute to the prevention, treatment and diagnostics of the COVID-19 virus which has taken the world by surprise.


Many professionals are already carrying out life-saving research and luckily, we see funds flowing from for instance the EU Commission to researchers. Our offer goes out to both these researchers, but also to minor and equally important project that may not get funds for their research.


We see this as our contribution to the combat of the COVID-19 virus – and it has no catch". Ms Jannie Hedegaard from EasyTrial underlines. “The platform will be free for research on COVID-19 during the entire research process”.


Support to clinical trials at no cost to speed up the combat of COVID-19

Researcher around the world are presently working together to find ways to tackle the outbreak of the COVID-19 virus that has hit the world. Projects include current and ongoing research on COVID-19 vaccine development, treatment and diagnostics as well as emergency research about to start now:

  • Development of new vaccines – both prophylactic and therapeutic that will prevent and treat COVID-19

  • Diagnostic tests that enable health care workers to diagnose more rapidly in an attempt to reduce the spread of the virus

  • New treatments – both treatments in the pipeline and advanced modelling and computing techniques to screen and identify molecules that would fight the virus

  • Improving the public health and monitoring systems to prevent and control the spread of the virus

Free clinical trials management for COVID-19 researchers globally

EasyTrial reaches out to support the combat of the virus and has made a rapid decision to make their clinical trial management system available for free to all COVID-19-related research projects – whether local or cross-border – in order to speed up the process towards finding a vaccine.


“So, whether you are a professor or a PhD student, whether you are in Copenhagen or China, we are offering assistance in setting up your research on a web based, GDPR compliant storage platform. All communication with both patients, test persons or even the public to gather data about any phase of the COVID-19 infection can take place as long as the user has a cellular phone, tablet or PC and access to the internet.

In principle, the platform can also be used by national authorities to gather data from all citizens about the development of the virus at home – the cases that never reach the hospitals because people are told to stay home while not life-threateningly ill.

Naturally, the management software is specifically tailored to the needs of professionals and can be used by a group of researchers collaborating across borders.


Thoroughly tested clinical trial management system

Existing users of the EasyTrial management system range from the University of Bergen to the Danish Cancer Society. A group of researchers in the Cancer Registry of Norway that carried out HPV-based epidemiological research has this comment to their experience with EasyTrial:

“As part of the long-term follow-up of a vaccine trial, EasyTrial was used to monitor the blood collection from 1,000 women at 10 different sites across the country. The ’live’ EasyTrial status reports from each site allowed us to easily monitor progress, identify discrepancies and provide assistance when and wherever needed. Altogether, it strongly contributed to the overall response rate of the trial. Support from the EasyTrial team was also excellent throughout the trial”.


Key features of the EasyTrial clinical trial management system related to COVID-19 trials

The clinical trial management system offers researchers:

  • Complete, online, real-time study overview

  • A tool for cross-border collaboration (audit trail compliant with EU and US legislation)

  • Predesigned and customizable eCRF and questionnaires

  • Multi-site management

  • Off-site backup of study data and security monitoring

  • Automatic encryption and anonymization of person sensitive data

  • Appointment system and calendar function across sites

  • Invitations and notifications by text or e-mail to test participants

  • Import and export of study data

  • Compliance to GDPR in the US and the EU

  • Technical assistance and hosting in Denmark

  • Assistance in setting up the system at user level and of the research study

  • Free access to system for entire project period for all research related to COVID-19

For further information contact:

Ms Jannie Hedegaard

Sales & Marketing Director

+45 9340 4428

EasyTrial GDPR compliant storage platform

February 23, 2020

Because most tools for clinical trials focus on securing the collection process, they often fail to offer a safe storage during the statistical analysis. To comply with GDPR, all data points are required to be collected, stored and traced in all phases of a clinical trial.

EasyTrial offers a new solution which is a GDPR compliant storage platform, where your data never leaves the safe environment. When a third part needs to conduct the statistical analyses, you are controlling the access and the data. Dedicated statisticians now get access to the study data and analyses - using any desirable statistical tool.

Contact us for more information on your future clinical trial management solution with EasyTrial GDPR compliant storage platform.

The New eCRF creator with Responsive design is now available in EasyTrial!

January 14, 2020

Explore the NEW eCRF creator with RESPONSIVE design


At EasyTrial we're constantly working on improvements, and today our newest feature for the eCRF's is up and running on the EasyTrial system. 


With the responsive design it's becoming much more flexible to work with eCRFs because of new and updated functions and a design which is compatible with all screen sizes. In addition to this, it's also becoming faster to create eCRF's and easier for patients to understand and complete the questionnaires, ensuring much higher percentage of replies.


Key features:

  • Compatibility to notebooks, mobiles and tablets, including all screen sizes.

  • Faster to create eCRF's

  • Easier for patients to understand and complete the questionnaires

  • Ensuring much higher percentage of replies


How to use

In the eCRF creator you choose the design RESPONSIVE, and now your eCRF is much faster and easier to create. We have made a lot of improvements in this new design for the eCRF's. And if you want the new look for your existing eCRF's, then you can easily convert them to the responsive design. Simply click on the dropdown menu in your eCRF-creator and choose RESPONSIVE.

We wish all of our customers and collaborators a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

December 23, 2019

We are looking forward to our further collaboration in 2020.

New release! New eCRF creator with Responsive Design is released,15'th of January 2020.

December 16, 2019

Here at EasyTrial we're constantly working on improvements, and today we're revealing our newest feature.
We're reworking the eCRF function and adding a new design called, Responsive design.

Key features:

  • Compatible to notebooks, mobiles and tablets, including all screen sizes.

  • Faster to create eCRF's

  • Easier for patients to understand and complete the questionnaires

  • Ensuring much higher percentage of replies


Large improvement of EasyTrial’s eCRF creator and design
From January the 15'th 2020 you can choose between the old classic design or the new Responsive design when you are creating your eCRFs.

With the responsive design it’s becoming much more flexible to work with eCRFs because of new and updated functions and a design which is compatible with all screen sizes. In addition to this, it's also becoming faster to create eCRF's and easier for patients to understand and complete the questionnaires, ensuring much higher percentage of replies.

Participants can now answer the eCRFs from a tablet or mobile
Many people have several types of devices in their home today. With the responsive design we support the possibility to answer the questionnaires on the move or sitting comfortably in the couch at home.


So, make sure to check it out when we're launching the update on January the 15'th.

University of Bergen - Another succesful implementation of EasyTrial

November 06, 2019

In 2018, EasyTrial initiated a collaboration with the University of Bergen, FHU department. An inquiry to the Research Unit for Health Surveys turned out to be the exact right time.


The research unit was looking for a trial management system that could solve several challenges related to their clinical studies. Among other things, they had a great need for handling online participant booking which EasyTrial excels at.


After a call for tenders, it was clear that EasyTrial was the best qualified system for the task and the system was implemented already in January 2019.

In collaboration with Trine Leikanger, Divisional Engineer in the Research Unit for Health Surveys, an implementation plan was made with teaching the system's users, as well as special development of desired adaptations to the system.


The Research unit for health surveys has used EasyTrial for their clinical studies for over a year now and Trine Leikanger states about EasyTrial:

"Research Unit for Health surveys conducts various research projects for different research groups. Several of these studies use EasyTrial. We are very satisfied, both by the functionality of the software and the commitment that EasyTrial personnel shows us. They have shown great service by implementing and adapting the software to our needs and wishes, and are always very helpful if any issues appear."


The University of Bergen is truly a valued customer, and we're proud that EasyTrials features and support department have resulted in another satisfied customer. We are looking forward to a continued great collaboration with Trine and the University of Bergen in the future.


If you want to know more about how EasyTrial can help your research unit, feel free to contact us, or sign up for either a free trial account or an online demonstration at our website

Say hi to Jannie Hedegaard - our newest member of EasyTrial

September 30, 2019

EasyTrial recently hired Jannie Hedegaard as Sales and Marketings Director with the purpose of strengthening EasyTrials relations and creating more visibility. Jannie has worked with sales and marketing in the IT industry for the last 15 years. Jannie is highly motivated to expand EasyTrials presence on the clinical trial market. She looks forward to telling the world about Denmark's strong competitor to international Clinical Trial Systems with our high focus on IT security, GDPR compliance and maximum effiency for clinical trials, regardless of form and time period.

So welcome Jannie, we hope for many years of great collaboration!

EasyTrial at "Research day" in Nykøbing

September 17, 2019

The 18th of September EasyTrial was represented by Liv Kolstad and Lasse Christensen at "Research Day" in Nykøbing. Our purpose was to show new students and employees at Region Zealand what EasyTrial has to offer, and answer all questions they might have. This year there was a record high number of attendees, and more than 230 doctors and students showed up. Once again the research day was a succes, and it's very likely that you will see EasyTrial represented once again next year.

EasyTrial at "Research day" in Nykøbing Falster

September 17, 2019

The 18th of September EasyTrial is once again joining the "research day" event taking place in Denmark. Attending is free and the event is open for all researchers and people with interest within the field. There will be presentations, stands, poster competitions and lots of networking. Like last year EasyTrial will have a stand where we'll be telling about our system and what we have to offer. This year the event will be hosted at Nykøbing Falster's hospital, and we really hope to see some of you there

EasyTrial translated to Dutch

June 30, 2019

EasyTrial has been translated to a new language, and is now fully compatible with Dutch! We will keep translating EasyTrial to more languages, so remember to keep updated! 

EasyTrial at YDK event (Young danish surgeons)

May 28, 2019

At the latest YDK event, EasyTrial had a stand, and told about EasyTrial to all the curious participants. The attendees who came to our stand showed great interest and gave positive feedback. There was a competition among the participants where they had to answer questions about the different stands, and it gave a really good atmosphere, and everyone seemed attentive. We had a great experience and it's definitely an event we might join again.

EasyTrial is constantly improving

March 11, 2019

We are very pleased with the current state of EasyTrial and the features we offer. However, the satisfaction with our current product is no excuse to stop developing our system, and this month we are introducing our new and upgraded correspondence system. In the new system, we have improved the visibility of earlier correspondences and added more features to optimize communication between personnel and participants. You can check out these improvements by going to your site of choice and click "correspondence" when you have your project opened.


Want a closer look at the system?

- Register a free user on the EasyTrial Demo Version here

- Contact us to get a free online demonstration.

10 year anniversary for EasyTrial

December 31, 2018

At EasyTrial we're celebrating our 10 year anniversary and want to thank everyone who's using EasyTrial for all the years we had with great collaboration. We value all of our customers and hope for many more years together.

Data handling course at Næstved hospital

March 18, 2019

On December 6th, EasyTrial will make an apperance at Næstved hospital to present how EasyTrial can be used as a data handling tool. There will be a hands-on workshop where it is possible to meet one of our system experts and get help with EasyTrial. So if you're interested in knowing more about EasyTrial or meeting some of our staff, showing up here is a great opportunity.

EasyTrial at "Research day" in Slagelse, Denmark

September 19, 2018

On September 20, we stood at a stand in Slagelse and told about EasyTrial to anyone who was interested. EasyTrial sent two employees who stood among other companies and helped provide an overview for students and employees at Region Zealand about which systems they have the opportunity to use. There were 90 stands and over 200 students/doctors, so there were many who came and talked and were interested in learning more about the features EasyTrial has to offer. The event was considered a succes, and will be held in "Nykøbing" on Zealand next year, where EasyTrial might be represented again.

GDPR is coming

May 07, 2018

The new EU legislation on General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is coming, and EasyTrial will shortly update our terms accordingly.

Due to new regulatory demands, all users of EasyTrial must now accept an additional Data Management Agreement as part of our normal way of conducting business.

EasyTrial is designed from the first version to include data protection by design and data protection by default – this is the core of our business.

Keep doing what you’re best at, and let EasyTrial take care of the rest.

Mai Britts’ aspirations to see a more technologized society have a solid foundation behind, since the advanced social networking tools, web solutions and telecommunications can fully support the whole health care delivery and education. Information Technology may empower patients to take a more active role in their health care by providing enough information and giving possibility to take part in the decision making process. This redesign of home care services can lead to a totally new perspective in the medical sector, providing opportunity to receive an effective health care even by those patients who experience difficulties in accessing it. How is it going to be embraced this new transition in health care system, still remains under a big question mark…


March 31, 2016

A valuable clinical trial management system should provide the opportunity to apply randomising functionality as needed. By using a clinical trial management system with an integrated randomising module, health care personnel can monitor and manage the trial using only one system, simplifying daily work.

Randomising ensures that each participant will have an equal opportunity to take part in the clinical trial. Moreover, it enables the formation of identical groups from different perspectives necessary for comparison in a trial. Therefore, randomising can play a key role in clinical trials, since its main function is to form comparable groups without any type of accidental bias in participant selection.

Very often the randomising is done manually or with third-party software that can make the trial more complicated.  

EasyTrial has incorporated an advanced randomising function that simplifies all trial processes. Some main features are:


  • Blinded or non-blinded randomising;

  • Randomising using allocation numbers;

  • Randomising using virtual envelopes and own allocation numbers.                                                                                                                                                      


EasyTrial’s randomising also allows automatic generation of consecutive baseline numbers, or uploading of custom allocation numbers directly into the EasyTrial system, making their integration simple and efficient.

In relation to a blinded randomising, there is an opportunity to break the randomising code for a study participant if a serious event requires it.

These and many other tasks can be performed with the help of the EasyTrial clinical trial management system – a great solution for the everyday challenges of clinical trials. 


May 30, 2015

We have optimised the survey module in EasyTrial.

The survey module is used if you want the study participants to answer a series of questions from home. EasyTrial can automatically send out a link to the survey via email. Participants log onto the survey module via the link and answer the questions. All responses are immediately available in the study database.

The investigator can place the organisation's logo onto a survey for a more personal touch. 

Region Zealand signs major deal

January 06, 2015

Region Zealand has decided to optimise the university hospitals’ clinical trial management. A new system – EasyTrial, developed by Danish physicians – ensures optimal data protection and resource allocation in all projects.

The Zealand Regional Research Unit has signed a license agreement for unrestricted use of EasyTrial Clinical Trial Management Software by all hospitals in the Region with the Danish company EasyTrial. The solution includes electronic data capture, automatic participant surveys, local research databases and registry-based studies, while maintaining total control and overview of all clinical trials.

It is crucial that our doctors and other hospital staff use their resources as efficiently as possible. With the new management system from EasyTrial, we provide a tool that can help optimise the individual researcher's workday while we in the Region ensure that we comply with all applicable rules regarding data protection and good clinical practice.

Dr. Knud Rasmussen, Head of Research, Zealand Region

We very much look forward to working with Region Zealand. We are confident that the Region's scientists will achieve greater efficiency and a better overview of their trials with our solution, which has been developed by Danish doctors. […] In our view, Danish research environments have a great need for flexible and resource-saving management systems that ensure proper data storage and record-keeping in accordance with the applicable regulations.

Henrik Wind Jantzen, CEO, EasyTrial

Region Zealand and EasyTrial initiated the new collaboration in December 2014.


For more information contact:

Dr. Knud Rasmussen, Regional Head of Research, DMSc, Region Zealand, phone: +45 6016 8891, email:

Henrik Wind Jantzen, CEO, EasyTrial ApS, phone: +45 6151 4428,

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