Benefits for Medico & Pharma

Fully meets regulatory requirements and has automatic anonymising, encryption, audit trail & full-featured query system.

1. Availability

  • Real time data

  • Access to administrative healthcare information

  • Universal access

  • Automatic anonymising of all data, unless otherwise explicitly specified

2. Electronic Case Report Forms (eCRFs)

  • Affordable & custom made

  • Many existing standards implemented (clinical questionnaires)

  • Optional patient-login for automatic surveys and monitoring during the trial





3. Data privacy enabled

  • Best data controller tools;

  • Data anonymity as default setting;

  • Audit trail and reporting for data protection and or agency inspection;

  • No erroneous release of non-anonymous data by the trial site when sending reports to sponsors.


4. Data Sourcing:

  • All paper documents, e.g., patient allocation logs, are digitised and do not require additional work while capturing all data

  • Access to any type of reports

  • Bio samples

  • Resource usage

  • Invoicing

  • Inclusion/exclusion criteria

  • Study progress


5. SAEs

  • Real time overview of patient history

  • All clinical data collected

  • Visit schedule (prospective and retrospective)

6. Study management

  • Tracking patient movement among sites, without problems.

  • Handling patients potentially lost to follow-up.

  • Participant recruitment process including call centre management to follow-up on a large group based on specific demographics or parameters; batch invitations for large trials with large patient pools provided by governments or patient databases, allowing the capture of epidemiological data or participation in behavioural studies;

  • Easy medication recalls; depending on initial setup, one can fully automate the recall process with full details, real time tracking and audit trail;

  • Trial visit compliance monitoring through the use of visit windows in the booking system, allowing warnings of missed visits, in addition to SMS reminders to patients of their upcoming visits;

  • All individuals who have been granted access can obtain real time fully transparent data when required;

  • Allows capture of historical data such as competitive enrolment, discontinuation of recruitment and over and under recruitment of sub cohorts.

eCRF creation.png