Medico safety documentation


What is Easytrial?

EasyTrial is a web application with multiple uses and features. EasyTrial is developed by Danish physicians and is a great tool for the process of documenting safety of medical products, as well as keeping an archive of patients using the products for quick access in case of urgency.


EasyTrial is a popular choice, and looking at some of our features can explain why:


-eCRF creation, management and tracking

-Patient allocation log (who has what device)

-Compliant with new GDPR rules

-Assistance with medical device testing

-Documentation of product safety

The "easy" part about EasyTrial is the fact that everything can be run from one website. Besides you don't have to worry about patients forgetting visits or eCRF's since all notifications from EasyTrial are automatic. 

If you want to see how EasyTrial works you can either check it out yourself by creating a free account, get a free online demonstation, or watch this 30 second video.