Benefits for Government

1. Data sourcing

  • Online, real-time surveillance of current studies

  • Auditing

    • Approvals (ethics documents, etc.)

    • Visits 

    • Study population 


2. Long term follow up 


3. Central patient allocation log 


4. Fraud detection and prevention through real-time data capture with clear audit trail 


5. SAEs

  • Approved reporting formats; 

  • Investigator set-up for parallel reporting to authorities and sponsor with optional ID to facilitate reconciliation; 

  • Reporting audit trail, encoding including running updates; 

  • Data can be provided in a format securing easy entry to central systems; 


6. CROs

  • Tracking of outsourced studies in real time


7. Effortless reporting, including:

  • Data on patients currently taking the drugs; 

  • Long term follow up on efficacy and safety; 

  • Implementation of disease management, e.g., cancer cases handled in one mutual system; all scheduled visit visible to all stakeholders; common repository, date capture and date enabling setting; Key Performance indicators; tracking deviations and performance; tracking of all levels and types of costs; 

  • Fraud prevention.

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